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"We love Dr. Calvani, Kim, Lisa, Tammy and the rest of the staff. They are always polite, helpful and patient. I do want to take a moment and thank Kim for all the trouble that she went through with our insurance. Thank you all!"

"My daughter and I would like to send our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the amazing work performed on her teeth! Dr. Marulli, Dr. Calvani and the entire staff offered the most professional and courteous service that could be expected. The result of their craft is incredible. Now we don't have to tell our daughter to "Smile for the camera."

"Our experience and interactions with Dr. Cavlani's staff and services have always been extremely seamless and professional. The process prior to obtaining the braces to aftercare will keep my son's teeth looking fantastic for years to come! :)
It is always a wonderful experience coming to Dr. Calvani's office with my daughter. Dr. Calvani & his office staff are warm, welcoming and ready to answer any questions. It is a pleasure having Dr. Calvani as my daughter's orthodontist."

"When we came to Dr. Marulli and Dr. Calvani, my son's teeth were in need of extensive repair. The doctors exceeded our expectations. As you can see from these pictures, his mouth looks 100 times better than when we started. My son's dentist was so impressed that she asked for the office name so she could refer other patients. I also recommended numerous satisfied patients to them. We can't thank Dr. Marulli and Dr. Calvani enough for their hard work and dedication to my son's care. Without them, his teeth wouldn't be perfect."

"I made the commitment to have orthodontics in my adult life. At first, the braces did feel a bit strange to me; however, as you go about your daily life, you don't think about them. I was told by others who experienced braces that I would be happy in the end, and that it would all be worth it. As soon as my braces came off, I realized they were right! I couldn't believe that those were my teeth I was looking at in the mirror. It was worth all the effort! I would like to thank Dr. Marulli, Dr. Calvani, and their wonderful staff for their professionalism and kind support."

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